Yo! ®, We Feel Love

Yo! – First let us say that we love all our fans around the world! This journey has been an exhilarating one! We cannot express how much the support and encouragement have meant to us along the way! Thank you!

It inspired us to created a private collection just for our fans! The revenue from these products will further help us fund new aspects, projects, and casino placements! All while breaking barriers and making room for the little guys like us to be on the gaming floor!

Yo! Something Special.

We’re asking for donations, similar to a kick-starter campaign; however, they have strict policies about anything gambling related. So we decided to create our own donations page for our fans. You can donate $25, $50, $75, $100 or $200. As a ‘Thank You,’ in return, we’ll send you one of the exclusive gifts we’ve designed below just for you – our Yo!® fans!

Yo! Yes, This Is Me!

Yo! T-shirt in men’s or ladies. This 100% pre-shrunk cotton is just right for a weekend workout or playing the game with friends! For your $25 donation, we can ship sizes small through 2XL. Color options are purple and red. Just pick women’s or men’s, color and your size when you make your donation.

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Yo! I Want This!

Yo!® polos in men’s and women’s. This clean, classic, and comfortable, Yo!® polo is just right for a casual day of shopping, golfing, or gambling! For your $50 donation, we can ship sizes small through 2XL. Colors options are white, purple, and red. Just request ladies, or men’s, color and your size when you make your donation.

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Yo! I Have to Have This!

Yo! ® dice, dice, dice, dice baby! This boxed collection of four 2″ acrylic casino dice was designed just for Yo! ® fans! Each box contains one set of red and one set yellow dice. For a $75 donation, this box set makes a great gift and the perfect decor for the gambler at heart.

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Yo!, I Want This Right Now!

The Yo! ® backpack is a great way to express yourself on the move! Its made of durable poly canvas. It has two internal zipped compartments — one with smaller slots for your pens, cards, earbuds, and work essentials. The second main compartment is perfect for your 15″ laptop or iPad; it has plenty of room for notebooks, shoes, cosmetic bags, wallets, or even lunch! It also has an external water bottle/snack pockets and an exit port for your power cords. It is designed exclusively for Yo! ® and yours with a smile for a donation of $100.

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Yo! The Trifecta Baby!

Play. More.Yo! ® – We know we have some super supporters, cool friends, savvy dice dealers out there, so we decided to bundle the VIP promos! The entire collection, (1) the boxed dice set, (1)Yo! Polo and (1) Yo! backpack all for a $200 donation shipped right to your door! We will even include a Yo! pen too!
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Yo! ® You Don’t Need to Donate a Thing—We Love You, Not Your Money!

Whether you’re cheering on team Yo! ® or donating today – thank you! We appreciate every one of you! Yo! – Be sure to follow us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter too!

– Team Yo! ®

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