Play. More. Yo!

Yo! ® is an exciting and fun dice game that is easy to play. The game uses 2 sets of dice, each set a different color. Each player begins playing by making a wager on the betting circle marked ‘Play.’ 

The dealer will then stack all four dice and drop them into the Random Roll Dice Cup. The dealer gives the player the random roll dice cup, to shake and expel the 4 dice onto the gaming layout area marked Yo! ®

Once the new roll of 4 dice is on the layout, the dealer collects them, indicating ‘the call’ for both sets of dice – the game dice, and the bonus dice. 

  • The game dice wagers = Play, More and Single Roll Wagers 
  • The bonus dice wager = Yo! Bonus 

Each wager is explained in detail below. 

Play Wager

To start the players will make a wager on the betting spot marked ‘Play.’ At the beginning of the game, any game dice roll an 11 will win paying 4 to 1 on the ‘Play’ wager. Should the game dice roll, 2, 3, 12 all ‘Play’ wagers would lose. If the game dice roll a 7, the ‘Play’ wager is a push, (neither a win or a loss.) If any other number is rolled, this will establish a new point, and gameplay continues. The goal is for the shooter to roll this new point on the game dice again to win. If the shooter rolls a 7 after establishing a point, it is a loss for the ‘Play’ and all other wagers relevant to the game dice, such as the ‘More.’

  • Game dice roll of 11 wins pays 4 to 1
  • Game dice roll of 2,3,12 is a loss
  • Game dice roll 7 is a push

More Wager

The ‘More’ wager represents odds on the newly established point. The dealer will mark the new point with a plaque labeled Yes/No, or in some casinos On/Off. Players are welcome to make a wager on the ‘More’ betting circle only after a new point has been established. The bet ‘More’ cannot be edited or removed once placed. 

When the shooter rolls the established point the ‘More’ wager wins: 

  • A point of (6 or 8) will pay 6 to 5
  • A point of (5 or 9) will pay 3 to 2
  • A point of (4 or 10) will pay 2 to 1

Note that if the plaque on the gaming table reads ‘No‘ or ‘Off‘, then no point has been established. It is the beginning of a new round of play! 

Late Play Wager

If you choose to enter the game after a point is established, and a new round of play is underway. Just ask the dealer to mark your play wager for you, this is called a ‘Late Play.’  Players who bet the ‘Late Play’ wager are not eligible to bet the ‘More’ wager but are permitted to bet other side wagers. The ‘Late Play’ wager is a late bet on the current point; this gives you the options to bet other side wagers too. ‘Late Play’ wagers pay: 

  • A point of (6 or 8) will pay 7 to 6
  • A point of (5 or 9) will pay 7 to 5
  • A point of (4 or 10) will pay 9 to 5

This wager stays in play until an outcome is determined of the game, win or loss. 

Yo! ® – The Bonus

The ‘Yo! ® Bonus’ wager is relevant only to the bonus dice. Players place this bet immediately after the dealer marks a new point. This wager will pay every time 11 rolls on the bonus dice. It loses only with a game dice roll of 7, and only after a point has been established. If the bonus dice roll an 11, and the game dice roll a 7 – the ‘Yo! ® Bonus’ is a push. It wins on the bonus roll of 11, but loses because of the game dice roll 7 resulting in a push.  

Yo! ® Bonus payouts are calculated by the simultaneous roll of the game dice shown here: 

The Yo! ® Bonus may be placed either before the initial dice roll or immediately after the point is set. However, Yo! ® Bonus bet is only considered active after a new point has been established. 

The Single Roll Wagers 

When the dealer opens betting with a wave of their hand before the dice go out. Players are welcome to wager on any one of the five single-roll bets. These 5 wagers are determined by the game dice every roll. The single roll wagers are 100% self-service area. Players are required to place and take their bets accordingly.

The payouts are shown here: 

  • High (8,9,10) pays 3 to 2
  • Low (4,5,6) pays 3 to 2
  • Pairs (2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5) pays 7 to 1 
  • 11 pays 15 to 1 
  • 2,3,12 pays 7 to 1 

Play. More. Yo! ® is a fun and exciting dice game that brings camaraderie to the table! The game is making it’s debut in 2020 to casinos near you!  To learn more, contact us! While playing the game give this rack card a quick view to learn payouts, and gameplay strategy too!

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