The Team

Billy Takacs, President

Billy’s been on an avid poker player for five decades. He found his love for cards playing ‘Gin Rummy’ as a teenager for pennies. He’s worked in the casinos as a poker dealer, floor and quickly advanced to the poker room manager before his retirement. Once retired, he joined forces with his wife Dawn to build the most ‘elite’ casino themed entertainment company in Pittsburgh. It was at a client’s event where they had that moment that inspired them to begin creating a new casino game that would be fun, fast, and easy to learn and play. Yo! the dice game started at that moment.

Dawn Takacs, Vice President

For more than 30 years she’s been on both sides of the gaming table, player and dealer. She’s worked every aspect of table games, dealer, floor, pit, and is also proficient in poker. It was her love for the fun element of gaming that inspired her to form an entertainment company, Elite Casino Events. Elite provides 5-star casino night parties for corporate, private, and charity events. It was during her journey with Elite that Dawn and her husband discovered a unique niche that the table games market might need, and Yo! – the dice game was born!

Andrew McCray

Consultant | Mathematician, Gaming Consultant

Andrew’s been a friend and confidant to Billy and Dawn Takacs for nearly seven years. They’ve seen him deal craps many a time, and was always impressed with his effortless mathematical abilities. What they didn’t know about Andrew then, they soon learned after they asked him to hop on the team to help them verify the new game’s probabilities. Not only did Andrew balance out the payouts and percentages perfectly. He was the mathematician/actuary who challenged everyone’s perception of the math of the new game. After a few professional debates, Andrew made some of the industry’s most influential math gurus agree and take notice – that he’s a whiz at numbers! 

Taren Moran

Consultant | Graphic Artist

Taren’s an exceptional graphic artist with impeccable communication skills. A long time ally for both the Takacs’. When they decided to begin creating Yo! they turned to Taren for help. The three of them collaborated on the gaming layout for Yo!, which took them years. After countless focus groups and years of live trials, Taren was fundamental in editing out things that might be problematic for the casinos down the road. She worked diligently to create a gaming layout that was dealer/player-friendly and visually understandable to everyone – including herself. Taren’s never played a casino game in her life, which made her the perfect candidate to create Yo!

Yo! ® - The inspiration behind the game!

by Dawn Takacs | Yo! ® - the interview

Thank you to both Damon Perrott of Lydian Light Photography and Mitchell Straub Photography/Video for the talents that helped us create this website! Special shout out to Travis Clark, of Polar Bear Lab Inc. and Taren Moran for making it ‘Yo so perfect!’

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