Dawn and Billy Takacs are the creators of Yo! ® – a cutting-edge casino table game poised to become a sensation in the gaming industry. The Takacs’ are experienced gaming professionals. They both have a life-long passion for casino games, making it inevitable gaming was destined to become their career path.

They’re also proof that ‘gambles on love’ do pay off.

Dawn Takacs, an avid Bruce Springsteen fan, started dealing blackjack when she was 19. For two decades, her specialty was stints dealing `21 for fun’ in Texas honky-tonks. She’s also worked as a professional dealer, floor and pit boss, and is certified in craps, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and all poker games.

Dawn is the founder of Elite Casino Events which is based in Pittsburgh, PA. Elite Casino Events provides authentic casino style entertainment for corporate parties in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Billy Takacs caught the gambling bug when he was a teenager, playing gin for pennies. He turned his passion into a career, starting as a professional poker player before becoming a poker dealer, floor and then a poker room manager. A cooking enthusiast, Billy’s engaging and affable personality enables him to connect with everyone, and earn their loyalty and trust. Billy’s got that ‘old school swag‘ yet has a clever and modern edge that helps him identify with all generations.

They met by chance at a friendly poker game, shortly after they went to work in the casinos. In 2007, in a small casino in West Virginia, Dawn went into table games, and Billy went to work in the poker room. They’ve been inseparable ever since. After Dawn left the casino industry to form Elite Casino Events, it was inevitable that Billy would join her … except at Springsteen concerts. He’s just a bit jealous of the Boss.

Author & fan of the ‘Takacs team’ – Rege Behe

The creation of Yo! ® was inspired at a casino party when they recognized the communication barrier between ‘new  players’ and the games we all love. To contact Dawn or Billy, click here.