Easy Game

Yo! ® is very simple to deal. In fact, because the game is so visual, the layout does much of the work. The betting spots ‘Play, More, Yo!’ are the first wagers to be settled, take or pay. Next ‘take and pay’ of the betting arc, which is composed of 5 single roll wagers, some of which are duplicated on both sides for ease of guest play. Dealers will follow standard ‘take and pay’ procedures. In summary, the procedures have them working from the furthest point first, then working inward. The dealer’s ‘take and pay’ should always be counter-clockwise. This video is a brief description of game play, and the dealer procedures, proper handling of the 4 dice is also explained.

For proof of concept we’ve hosted several live showings, and focus groups to test the game concept. We’ve found that the game’s design being color coordinated helps players to engage easily; with little, if any help from the dealer.  Players who’ve played enjoy the relaxed no-pressure atmosphere, and the winning camaraderie the game brings makes people happy during play.

We’ve hosted many showings since 2016, and even had guests return to the same event a year later, asking if the game would be back for their enjoyment to play. Additionally, we found no age barrier for play; ages 18 to 80 enjoyed the game. One of the most relevant points we’ve found is that a ‘carnival games dealer’ can deal this game, craps knowledge or training is not necessary to deal Yo! ®. 

It’s important to note that the average ‘round of play’ is about 30 seconds – giving Yo! ® a nice ‘ROP’ ratio. Please click these links for full game play descriptionor more facts and statistics.