Yo! ® is an easy game to deal.

Yo! ® is very simple to deal. In fact, the layout was designed by dealers for dealers. The betting spots ‘Play, More, Yo!’ should be the first wagers to be settled, take or pay. Next to resolve are the 5 single roll wagers on the curved arc.  Some of these single roll wagers are duplicated on both sides of the arc for guest ease, but there are only 5 wagers on the arc total.

Dealers will follow standard ‘take and pay’ procedures. This pay table explains in detail, the payouts for ‘Play’ ‘More’ and Yo! The payouts for the 5 single roll wagers is listed on the layout, but are all simple to settle wagers.

The only other wager not shown, is a ‘Late Play’ wager which is a per casino, per jurisdiction option. ‘Late Play’ wagers enable guest to play the established point for a slightly smaller payout, similar to place bets for craps.


Dealer’s Video 

Proper procedures show dealer’s working from the furthest point then working inward. The dealer’s ‘take and pay’ should always be counter-clockwise. This video is a brief description of gameplay, dealer procedures, and proper handling of the 4 dice is also explained. To obtain a placement kit for your casino email [email protected]

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