420 Jackpot™

Our brand new casino game pays the player when the dealer hits a 4 card 20 – thus the name of our new game! You have to LOVE that! In fact, it pays when you have a 20, and the dealer makes any 20!  Wow, you have to love that more!
This new casino game offers a new twist on an old favorite blackjack. How many times have you played blackjack and the dealer has 20, and often when you have 18,19, or 20? 420 Jackpot makes it so you get paid on any dealer 20! Payouts are based on the suits and also the number of cards drawn by the dealer.
Most importantly this game is based on a preset set of rules the dealer must follow, so the strategy of the game is unaffected by other players. 420 Jackpot is the perfect choice for those who want insurance against the dealer’s frequent draw of 20!
The largest payouts are for (4) 5’s of each suit, or Ace, 2, 3, 4 of the same suit! Likely pay tables and game reports are available by emailing us at [email protected]
420 Jackpot
420 Jackpot

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