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Gaming Labs International has completed the mathematical analysis of Yo! ®, including the Nevada jurisdiction report. Yo! ® game’s patent includes the uniquely designed dice cup – called the ‘Random Roll Dice Cup’ – which guarantees an uncontrolled, and unique roll of the 4 dice. The cup is always in possession of the player, and the dealer always maintains control of the dice. The dealer collects all 4 dice when ready, stacks them and drops them into the random roll dice cup for the player to shake and disperse the dice onto the game layout. Additionally, this protects the game as both player, and dealer are participants in every dice roll outcome. If any dice roll off the table, or in the bank the roll is void. The GLI reports also notes that there are ‘no concerns’ with this game. To request a private showing of Yo! ®, or a placement kit for your casino please email [email protected].

Yo! ® – The Dice Game

  • First ever ‘social game!’
  • Easy to play
  • Simple to deal
  • 8 Player-controlled wagers
  • Great HE

Yo! ® is protected by copyright, trademark, and U.S. Patent No. 10,427,027 B2.

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