GLI Report & Math

Game Labs International has completed the mathematical analysis of Yo! ® as of 12/27/17, including the Nevada jurisdiction report. This is a summary of the findings of these reports.

Yo! ® the dice game that uses a total of 4 dice. It consists of main betting options labeled ‘Play’, ‘More’ and ‘Yo!’ ® that are resolved over multiple rolls, along with a variety of one roll wager options. Players are required to have an active ‘Play’ wager, (or ‘Late’ play wager) to place any other wagers. Two dice are the game dice. The other 2 are the bonus dice. Gameplay begins with players placing a wager on – ‘Play’. Once a point is established they have a second optional wager ‘More’ representing the player’s odds.

The ‘Play’ Wager

In the beginning of play, players place a ‘Play’ wager. The immediate roll of 11 rolled wins paying 4 to 1, any 7 rolled is a push. Or, if the game dice roll a 2/3/12 it’s a loss for the ‘Play’ wager. Any other number rolled establishes a new point. The objective now is for the game dice to roll the new point again to win; before any 7 is rolled, which would be a loss.

  • The ‘Play’ wager House Edge is 1.70%

The ‘Bonus’ Wager

The Yo! ® bonus bet is an optional wager that players make once a point has been established. The Yo! ® bonus bet wins every time the bonus dice roll an 11. Payouts are determined by the simultaneous roll of the game dice. The bonus wager only pays when an 11 is rolled by the bonus dice, and only loses with 7-out by the game dice. However, if the game dice roll a 7 with the simultaneous roll of the 11 by the bonus dice, the Yo! ® bonus wager is a push.

  • The Yo! ® bonus bet HE is between 8.08% to 9.88%; the variance is relative to the established point.

The ‘Single Roll’ Wagers

Yo! ® created a self-service betting area for players to place and take their wagers each round of play. These wagers are ‘High, Low, Pairs, 11, or any 2/3/12’ single roll bets. Dealers will take and pay these wagers after each dice roll outcome.

  • The House Edge is from 11.11% to 16.67% for these 5 bets; placed on each side of the table for ease of play.

The Yo! ® The Dice Game patent includes the dice cup – called the ‘random roll dice cup’ – which guarantees an uncontrolled, and unique roll of the 4 dice. The cup is always in possession of the player, and the dealer always maintains control of the dice. The dealer collects all 4 dice when ready, stacks them and drops them into the random roll dice cup for the player to shake and disperse the dice onto the game layout. Additionally, this protects the game as both player, and dealer are participants in every dice roll outcome. If any dice roll off the table, or in the bank the roll is void. The GLI reports also notes that there are ‘no concerns’ with this game.

Yo! ® – The Dice Game

  • First ever ‘social game!’ 
  • Easy to play
  • Simple to deal
  • 8 player controlled wagers 
  • Great HE

Yo! ® is protected by copyright, trademark, and U.S. Patent No. 10,427,027 B2. The game math has been verified by Gaming Labs International. To request a private showing of Yo! ®, or request a placement kit contact us at [email protected].

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